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Find your Peak

Take your rock climbing to the next level with our expert climbing classes and life coaching for climbers and non-climbers alike.

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Austin giving a peace sign after finishing a climb

Welcome to Austin Elevated Ascents

Hello there! I’m Austin Wolff.

Austin Elevated Ascents is a Boulder, CO-based climbing community offering individual and small group climbing classes and coaching, as well as mindset and life coaching for climbers and non-climbers alike so you can take your life to new heights.

We want to see you grow to become the best climber and individual you can be, and we're here to help you achieve this. Join us, and let's reach new heights together.

Personalized Rock Climbing Classes and Coaching

We equip you with diverse technical skill sets and ensure an excellent launchpad for climbers to discover their capabilities and reach new heights.

Young male climber climbs a mountain on a difficult route
Rock Climbing

Come Climb With Me

Our climbing courses have varied technical versions designed to polish your climbing techniques and make you an effortless climber. 

Be a part of my dedicated training sessions and become a skillful peak performer in no time!

Cheerful young man and woman drinking fresh water and talking when resting after climbing at bouldering center
Life Coaching

Mental Wellness Above All

From winning over bouldering challenges to facing the toughest routes, climbers need the right mindset to become victorious above all. 

The coaching classes on mental health will provide you with the right set of skills and help build mental strength.

To me, climbing is everything

Austin Elevated Ascents is fully committed to nurturing and empowering all climbing enthusiasts. My goal is to prepare you for global challenges and help you evolve as winners.

I took this initiative to build a generation of climbers who are resilient enough to overcome setbacks and succeed in more ventures. My passion centers around evolving climbers as true players, teaching them to beat their limitations, both on and off the rock face.

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Workout Plans, designed for rock climbers

It’s important to stay in shape, and for climbing, you need to know the right exercises to prepare for the climb.

For the Gram

See what I am upto... or check out more photos of Link, we know what you really want.

Come climb with me

I’d love to get in touch with you. Let’s make our way to the top of the world... together.

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