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The Wellness-Centered Rock Climbing Community

Welcome to Austin Elevated Ascents, a Boulder, CO-based climbing community passionate about growing and sharing information related to climbing, mental health, and the preservation of our planet's different ecosystems. My goal is to help you grow as an individual and to help change the perceptions of mental health as a whole.

Austin and his cat Link at the Garden of the Gods

Why I started this

Like most people, the pandemic thrust me into a tumultuous period. I grappled with the loss of my grandparents, self-esteem issues, and a profound career change.

In the midst of this turmoil, my best friend, Trevor Wade, introduced me to the world of rock climbing. It was the glimmer of hope that I was looking for. A dormant adventurous spirit within me awakened, marking the start of my journey with Austin Elevated Ascents.

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Over the next three years, I focused on self-improvement, journaling my experiences while honing my climbing skills. This dedication nurtured my entrepreneurial ambitions. Fueled by this revelation, I embarked on a mission to assist others in discovering their passions and conquering new heights.

If you are at a personal crossroads in life, looking for a challenge, and want to see how climbing fits into this, then Austin Elevated Ascents welcomes you to join our inspiring journey.

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Meet the team

I am nothing if not for the people who have helped me in my journey.

Heather Bennet, Austin's Trainer

Heather Bennet

Though Heather isn't technically a staff member at Austin Elevated Ascents, she has been an invaluable asset to me as my life coach and to the idea, development, implementation, and continual improvement of this website. She will always be considered a part of my family, as well as the AEA family.

If you or someone you know is looking for a life coach and mentor then I would highly recommend reaching out to Heather Bennett. I can promise you it will not be a decision you ever regret.

Reach out to her at:

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Nabil Ahsan

It was a complete pleasure working with Nabil and his company, Reinforce Lab, for giving my business website a professional touch.

As a newbie entrepreneur, I initially struggled to build a professional website, but fortunately, I found Nabil and his team very efficient in structuring and crafting my overall business aspects.

Being a satisfied client, I’d highly recommend Nabil and Reinforce Lab. Check them out below.


Come climb with me

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Austin and his cat Link at the Garden of the Gods