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Rock Climbing Classes

Check out our outdoor rock climbing courses of varying levels, and even learn to climb with your cat!

Offered in Boulder, CO, and surrounding areas.

Introduction to Rock Climbing

Learn about rock climbing wall techniques, staying safe while climbing, the best rock climbing gear, and much more. There will be no climbing in this class.

Group Of Friends Sitting On Floor Taking A Break After Exercise At Indoor Wall Climbing Centre

Beginner Climbing Class

Learn about the different styles of climbing, PBUS techniques (pull, break, underhand, slide), rappelling, and belaying.

A group of seniors with instructor using chalk before climbing rocks outdoors in nature, active lifestyle.

Intermediate Climbing Class

Up for a challenge? Improve your skills, learn route reading, and how to stay comfortable in uncomfortable situations.

Belayer holding a rope with special equipment belaying the climber on rock wall indoors

Advanced Climbing Class

Shifting into high gear with more emphasis on positioning yourself while climbing and delving more into a climber's mental state.

Young male climber climbs a mountain on a difficult route

Climbing with Cats

Discover the ultimate fun of rock climbing with your furry friend. Learn about the right gear and the techniques so you can enjoy climbing safely with your cat.

Gym Climbing to Outdoor Climbing

Ready to tackle the great outdoors? Learn how to make the transition to outdoor climbing and put your indoor climbing skills to test.

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