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Climbing with Cats

Join Link and I on one of our adventures in and around Boulder, Colorado.

Link the cat walking in the woods
Adventure Cat

Yes, you can climb with your pet!

Link and I have been on some of the most amazing adventures across the United States. We want to bring that same joy to all of you.

Link the cat and Austin Wolff

Find out how Link and I get our climbing and hiking game on

Link the cat inside a hole in the tree

Travel with us to scenic locations

Link the cat interacting with other animals

Introduce your pets to Link!

Learn specialized techniques designed to engage your feline friends and discover the joy of shared ascents. We prioritize safety with essential measures for both climbers and cats, and we provide guidance on necessary gear, including specialized harnesses.

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Link the cat and Austin Wolff

Climbing with Cats

One hour - $75/person
Three hours - $140/person
Four hours - $175/person
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Austin at a rock climbing gym giving the surfs up hand sign

Hey there, I’m Austin!

I want to be the driving force to bring about the indomitable spirit within every climber and inspire them to break every shackle that limits them to reach their full potential!

It's the journey I’m excited to share, from training the enthusiasts as beginners to fostering some of the best climbers in the world. Through providing thrilling opportunities for striving souls, I want to guide and nurture them along the journey dedicatedly.

Together, we'll enjoy this wild ride, crush new challenges, and create great memories to cherish for a lifetime

Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQ)

What are the prerequisites for this class?

There are no prerequisites for this. 

Do I need to bring my climbing gear?

If you choose to climb or go on a Tyrolean traverse then the client is responsible for bringing their own gear (harness, helmet, and shoes). I can provide rope, draws, and other gear.

Is there a cancellation fee?

There is no cancellation fee, but a session can only be cancelled 24 hours in advance. After that, there is no refund.

Come climb with me

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Austin and his cat Link at the Garden of the Gods